Kings of War: Vanguard Hobby Update

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This pandemic lockdown has been both a boon and an affliction. The most important thing is staying home and staying safe, making sure we don’t cause an outbreak, of course. But to say I’m going stir-crazy is an understatement.

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Comparing The Walking Dead: All Out War and Call to Arms

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The Walking Dead: Call to Arms from Mantic Games released in July and since then I’ve played about a dozen games. It is a great time and a good contrast to All Out War. But how do the two rulesets compare? This has been a hot topic on Facebook groups for a while now. In this article I’ll do my best to compare the two rulesets and give you an idea of what they’re like, as well as offer my opinion on how the differences stack up.

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Mapping Out Possible Future Releases for The Walking Dead: Call To Arms

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The Walking Dead: Call to Arms recently released and I’m eagerly awaiting more TWD model releases. The latest set released included The Hunters, so we’re about halfway through Compendium Two (they’re specifically in issues 61-66 of the comic, out of 193).

I’ll be writing a series of articles about who I think should be included for the rest of the game and why, including the art of the characters themselves. I won’t include spoilers of deaths or anything huge. Mostly I just want to get a roadmap for what I hope to see. Most of the information will be from here. I’ll also be doing the novel series, because I love them.

We have seen a shot of some resin models (in May) that will be produced. It is hard to tell who is who, but it appears we have Jesus, Heath, and Aaron at least.

No photo description available.

Alexandria Residents


Aaron is a major character in the comic book – he finds new groups, vets them, then brings them back to Alexandria. He is also a major character in the TV show. He plays a large part in most of the happenings after he’s introduced. I’d classify him as a Runner for sure.


Heath is somewhat of a minor character, but interacts with the main characters quite often. He’s definitely a Runner, as he goes out on missions with Glenn to pickup supplies and did that even before Glenn showed up to Alexandria.


Siddiq is not a doctor, like in the TV show. He is mostly known in the comic as a worker on the construction crew. I’d rate him as a Support character as he’s not really a frontline fighter, in my opinion.

Denise Cloyd

Denise is the doctor for Alexandria – before the outbreak she was a family doctor. She is always tending to people in the comic book and making sure they recover from sicknesses and wounds. I’d rate her as Support and give her a bonus to healing anyone.


Another Support character – Olivia runs the Armory in Alexandria. She is one of the original survivors of Alexandria. She would likely give a bonus to reloading weapons or group ammo rolls.


Bruce plays a huge part in the construction crew and Abraham’s rise to leadership in Alexandria. He is always giving advice to Abraham about Alexandria and why they’re on the construction crew. Bruce is either a Bruiser or a Marksman.


Tobin is the leader of the Alexandria construction crew when Rick’s group arrives. He is not a good leader at all – so he would definitely over zero strategy dice, and might even have a panic rule. I’d make him a Marksman.


Holly is a tough teammate on the construction crew and plays a pivotal role in Abraham’s growth as a leader. It’s hard to come up with a spot for some of these characters – but I feel like Holly could be a Bruiser. She’s constantly fighting on the front lines, beating up walkers and clearing the way.


Eric is Aaron’s boyfriend and doesn’t really play a huge role in the comics, other than being Aaron’s boyfriend. I’d rate him as a Runner, like Aaron, since they both go on recruiting trips outside the walls.

Spencer Monroe

Spencer is a huge jerk. He’s the son of Douglas, the leader of Alexandria. He’s a pretty important character and I’m guessing I’d rate him as a Marksman.

Douglas Monroe

Douglas Monroe is the leader of Alexandria. He makes tough decisions and goes head to head with Rick when they first show up. I’d rate him pretty high on the strategy dice roll – he’s got a good hold on leadership and gets people to do things he wants them to do. For his combat stats, I’d likely just use 1Red. He’d be a Support character. If Regina dies he’d lose Strategy Points.

Regina Monroe

Regina is mostly a sideline character, but she’s important because of Douglas. She is a Support character and would likely have a connection with Douglas / Spencer where she adds Strategy Points to the pool.

Peter Anderson

Pete is a doctor and takes care of the people of Alexandria. He’s also a terrible husband and father – beating his wife and child. He has an enormous beef with Rick Grimes. He plays a large part in the story of Alexandria, being one of Rick’s first tests as a leader there, but he is not really a combat character at all. I’d include him as Support, with healing abilities, and make it so if he’s in the same group as Rick there are issues – like -1 Strategy Dice.

Jessie Anderson

Jessie is the wife of Pete and takes care of Ron. I imagine she’d be a Support character and have some special rules with Ron. She is not a huge part of the story but does play a pivotal role with Rick and Pete. I imagine a group with her, Ron, and Pete could be fun to play as either leaving Alexandria or defending it vs The Scavengers.

Ron Anderson

Ron is a kid and definitely would have the Just A Kid special rule. He is a weird kid, watching Carl sleep and making odd comments. He is not nearly as tough as Carl – who is – so I’d rate him as Support.

That’s it for early Alexandria – please check back again for more characters I’d like to see in The Walking Dead: Call to Arms!

Updating Beastmen for Age of Sigmar 2nd Edition

Beasts are born again

Back when WHFB was alive, I bought and painted something like 3,500 points worth of Beastmen. I had tried a few armies before that – Tomb Kings (RIP), Orcs, etc but Beastmen were finally the ones that I actually painted and played with. I loved the art (see the interview we did with Adrian Smith) and the overall theme of these guys who weren’t human because they had been mutated by chaos and hated humanity because of it was so cool.

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